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Baby Braylee’s Shower

This one will have almost nothing to do with photography …….Today I helped to host a shower for Brittany and Brandon as they will soon be welcoming baby Braylee into the world! Brittany was actually my neighbor years ago and we became super close to her family. We haven’t actually lived near each other for a couple of years now but they are still like family regardless! When Tina asked if I would like to help with the shower I didn’t even hesitate….1. I love Brittany! 2. I love Tina 3. I LOVE to decorate for parties….I think can hear my husband sigh already……So I just had to share with you a little bit of my baby shower decor! Hard to believe I “threw” this together over the course of just 3 late nights….I’m kinda proud  :-) I even made her baby bedding but pictures will have to wait until we go help put the room together. It turned out SO cute (no, I no longer make baby bedding this was just on a whim)…..yeah I sew too (and another sigh from the hubby). I hardly ever have time for it anymore but I know how the thing works still. Maybe one day I will get paid for this party planning gig too (hint hint)….in the mean time I just LOVE doing it!



I love the fruit baby bath display! I know it was from Pinterest but I could not find a tutorial for you (sorry I didn’t make it)

No matter if it’s a baby shower or bridal shower they will LOVE you for including envelopes and having everyone fill out their addresses then they are all ready to go after thank you cards are written! Ok not an original idea but a good one to steal!!!


The mason jars were a super easy little project and a great way to add a pop of color! Here is a link to a little tutorial 

I used the left over fabric from her bedding to make all of the banners…cute touch I think! And easy to do…turn on a couple episodes of DrPhil and sit in the floor with glue gun, fabric, scissors.. WHOLA!



The little round things were meant to hang over the cake table but the ceiling was too high so we compromised. Will be a great addition to the nursery though! She can hang it as a “mobile” or put in on the wall in a little cluster. EASY project! Fabric and those little hoops you find in the quilting section.

To me it’s important that the “guest of honor” always leaves with something that everyone has signed to remember the day so we used a sweet little book !

Cheap, easy (if you know photoshop or someone who does), and cheap!

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Ashley & Nick | Pilot Point E-Session

When I arrived and saw the gray clouds I felt like our session was headed down hill already…….boy was I glad to be WRONG! I had so much fun watching these two love on each other all evening. They are so kind and thoughtful towards one another and it is an honor to be able to capture their love story for them to cherish for years to come! I can’t watt to see what they have in store for their March wedding! The props they brought along tonight were some of my favorites. I mean “our adventure book” how cute is THAT! So much fun! Here are just a few of my favorites…..


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Photographer of the Month!

As I was waiting in line to board my flight for Oregon when my album company released their “Photographer of the Month” post!  I did a  little happy dance when they first contacted me about the interview. I mean ME? WHAT?  I have used Forbeyon for years because they create truly stunning high quality products for my clients. I have seen their features on other photographers over the years and always thought “maybe one day”. It was truly an honor to be chosen by them! If you would like to read the interview you can check it out HERE!!!! 


Now that vacation is over I am back to booking for 2015! If you are getting married or know someone who is please shoot me an email! The spring and summer are already filling up fast. Luckily with three photographers now on board brides won’t have to be turned away like last year!


I can’t have a post without pictures so here are a few from Oregon!


My amazing friend Larisa! The trip was a surprise to her (her husband is kinda awesome like that)! I have not been out to visit since her wedding two years ago so a trip was long overdue. We had the greatest time!!!! 

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